Steve is the central deity in Stevianism, a benevolent and caring figure who transcends traditional forms of worship.

Stevianism is distinctive for its inclusiveness and accepting nature, welcoming individuals regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds, or aspirations.

While there are no strict rituals, Stevianism encourages open communication and moments of reflection to connect with the spiritual essence of Steve.

Stevianism believes in an inclusive afterlife. Heaven is open to all, and hell is reserved for those who commit unspeakable acts.

Absolutely! Membership is open to anyone interested in exploring the teachings and community of Stevianism.

The choice of Steve's form is considered a divine mystery. In Stevianism, this is acknowledged as one of the wonders surrounding Steve.

Yes, Stevianism encourages followers to embrace diversity, practice compassion, and contribute positively to society.

Absolutely! There is no wrong way to pray in Stevianism. Steve hears your prayers, regardless of how you choose to express them.

There's no specific dress code, Altho Steve does appreciate seeing a touch of Roman life now and then.

No, Stevianism is a genuine and inclusive spiritual belief system. While some may perceive it as unconventional due to Steve being represented as a horse, Stevianism is rooted in sincere values of acceptance, compassion, and community.

The Celestial Compass: Symbolizes Steve's guidance and wisdom, illuminating the path for his followers. It represents clarity of purpose, direction, and the divine knowledge bestowed upon those who seek his counsel.

The Rose of Serenity: A timeless emblem of Steve's boundless love and compassion. This delicate bloom embodies divine care and tenderness, offering solace to all.

The Laurel: Symbolizing Steve's enduring victory and honorable presence among us, this emblem represents the eternal essence of his influence on civilization. With leaves that never fade, it embodies the ongoing triumph of his ideals, inspiring honor and admiration in the hearts of those who follow his path.

The Golden Horseshoe: Represents Steve's strength and protection. It's said to grant safety and resilience to those who have found it.